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Dynamic Systems and Control Laboratory


Our major research interests include design, modeling, estimation, control, optimization, and safety of dynamic systems, specifically for connected and automated vehicle (CAV), advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), (electric/hybrid) ground vehicle, internal combustion engine, powertrain, aftertreatment, microgrid, and mechatronic systems.  

With a total funding of more than 2 million dollars, DSCL’s research activities are supported by federal agencies and industrial companies including National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Energy (DOE), Office of Naval Research (ONR), Society of Actuaries (SOA), Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA), General Motors (GM), Intel, MathWorks, TuSimple, Salt River Project (SRP), and others.

DSCL’s Main Research Projects

Current Projects

  • Development and Demonstration of Enhanced Transient Flocking Behaviors for a Large Group of Mobile Agents
  • Modeling, Evaluation, and Control of Tire Blowout for Automated and Partially Automated Vehicles
  • Lateral Control and Parameter Tuning of Automated Vehicles
  • Modeling, Analysis, and Mitigation of Power Quality Impacts of Electric Vehicles
  • Impact of Automation on Long-Haul Trucking Collisions

Completed Projects

  • Calculation, Calibration, and Evaluation of Safety Metrics based on US Naturalistic Driving Data
  • Advanced Control and Safety Analysis of Tire Blowout for Automated Vehicles
  • Development and Demonstration of Safety Performance Assessment Metrics for ADS-Equipped Vehicle Behavior
  • Impact and Evaluation of Tire Faults for (Autonomous) Ground Vehicles
  • Loss Modeling of Rollover for Autonomous Vehicles
  • Development of a Connected and Automated EV with 4 In-Wheel Motors
  • Reconfigurable Control and Optimization of Microgrids with Renewable Energy Sources
  • Advance Vehicle Technology Competition AVTC EcoCAR3

Thanks to Current and Past DSCL Sponsors

Kaushal Rege works with lab members and is shown holding up a translucent object with a pair of tweezers, part of his work on repairing wounds with gold silk and lasers